To Unearth A Mercy

Wake up at the touch,
feather aroused by fan,
that kicked on in night
aroused it did not land.

I swear I am numb rot
got into this room again.
Undo these restraints I
feel them bite my skin.

The soft sound pound
me unto earth ground
calls disheveled bones
for others to be found.

The mystery of us will,
along another sunrise,
reveal as solid brick me
or prove as my demise.

The magic possessed by
a populous portion proud
humbly reciprocate tides
then reside atop a cloud. 

Paint this picture me in
or keep me out of fictions.
I care not the silence or
your volumous renditions.

Our secrets we keep serve
as cement in our own world.
Or they’ll tear down us left
in a shower corner curled.

Betray me not me console,
for I am vexed no control
keeps these tears from me as
down my cheek they roll.

Whisper tell me to be calm,
put me in a place of comfort.
I tell you now you’re lovely
amazed at a smile unearthed.

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