Tender Rendered Soul

Christ has bled a famine
in this chapter of my life.
From the depths my love
has been my endless strife.

What have these fingers
wrought with any worth?
Is it my imagination but
I wonder what I give birth?

To the stars in my mind I
remember fingers small.
My rugged lost soul atop
my mountain tall I did fall.

Life in his sturdy frame lit
by a dawn from the window.
Streaming down his skin I
saw a light shimmer glow.

Imperfect in every way low
I find I am a child in a bliss.
I await the tender notions
inside another days kiss.

A child my eyes saw soft his
face contorted like a leaf.
Crying at the top of his lungs
to the growing sky his grief.

The Lord has played a tune
for the grievance I carry.
The Lord has played a place
in me and it makes weary.

Yet tender moments a gift
will always render me whole.
Deep within recesses I grab
for semblance of control.

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