A Distance Daunting

Accentuated line supply,
alone my accepting eye,
mind torture dark stripe
on your skin goes light.

Alone you are not seldom
nor is this fractured realm.
The rose is grey love reach
out my arm’s at the helm.

For this drive madly for it
I find my eye find yours.
The stretch is so daunting,
from some distant shore.

Eternal is an adoration I
sit a stupid stargazer stop
making me feel things now
here I find cold now hot.

This place is on fire forever
while I drive along a fabric.
Soft and tender gentle touch
eleviates all that was static.

You are nurturing a wound
that deep now calls forth
a call that collected circles
and the devil he me extorts.

Do not turn my innocent 
words and feelings this time
into a calling card for all
that would curse you blind.

I see a little light a gesture
come my way and I’m struck.
Maybe in this light now we
can a path try to construct. 

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