For a moment mystery let
enter and move as a notion.
Feel dry and vacant thirst
and let me serve an ocean.

Feel the fierce flicker of
the conflict you entertain
come over every inch of you
and let curiosity remain.

Examine me close and lead
to unfold without disarray
and I’ll shut my mouth and
hear your tounge burn away.

Tell me how to be okay
with you and all you need.
Don’t be afraid to tell me
when to stay close or leave.

I shall not suffer you any
anger or anguish or anxiety.
So with your stern lips talk
and fear not the complexity.

We can sit by the window
and stare out outside cold
until the flames familiar
breathe out our lungs bold.

The birth of our awareness
like a Phoenix of fire plume
rises into the hearth an arm
mine and I let it consume.

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