Tender Echo

Echo an emotion
I do from a hurt
before my end in
time into the dirt.

I’ve been hobbled,
I have been hung
on a tree in a field;
none saw it done.

My expanse gravity
is nature pulling
down my hopes I
ask who I’m fooling?

There is an empty
field with not a tree.
None to jump gone
flailing in eternity.

I know what echos
at the end the day.
All is well during it,
pain lost in a blaze.

I don’t want to live
lost miles hell born.
I want your smile it
revives all forlorn.

Life has gripped me
all that’s tender no
one would believe
lengths for it I’d go.

My panic paralyzes
and I’m frozen cold
until the chords in
your voice I behold.

Fairy tale’s not real
dictate what we must
live above all cynical
devices inside us.

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