Quid Pro Quo

Tell me what you will
my reverent proper idol.
You like to be called it
but I like all other titles.

I see the situation front
and focused I can’t try
to be what you want to,
for you I will not comply.

Your structure is tainted
by your own taste erect it.
The persona where your
pride is not so affected.

I wasn’t built to be beaten
by your words you talk.
I accept your help but it
shouldn’t affect my walk.

All my directed concern is
for you and us all anyway.
I don’t want prying eyes in
to see us how we behave. 

But I am teetering upon
an exhausted axis broken.
I pray and put to paper
I no longer owe a token.

I am lost and my dreams
are of ash at my feet burn.
What lesson today from
you I must now learn?  

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