Cage This Craven Monster

This softened plane
is on fire on in flame;
I a grievance now need
something for pain.

Years have stolen me,
the toxic echo it blooms,
my mind silent steals
sounds from the room. 

Propitiate the shadow
that looms in a corner.
Escape the embattlement
the trench fed border.

I am exploding I am
eviscerated torn black.
Suppose where I might go
turn to see if I’m back.

You’re imploding but
me I’m exploding forth.
To follow your sense
I must from logic abort.

The places I’ve been I am
a man of few motivations.
For the world has ripped
all my warm sensations.

The pain it paralyzes me
but I can sit down feed
I do the craven monster
as from my vessels I bleed.

Tell me what you will,
tell me twice for measure.
I’ll derive no sensation
from it none no pleasure.

Numb this body numb it,
my soul that reels from ticks.
Build me my solid cage
of rough cutting brick.

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