Our Atmosphere

The clouds opened up,
the rain falls as it does.
Lost in a torrent chaos
ruptures far up above.

Everything rushes atop,
where I will try to pacify
left questions as rain it
moves passed my eyes.

The question is the crux,
see how I segue into
the idle thoughts move of
what to beg of the blue. 

Skewed the sky darkness
will be here tonight again.
The dark is part of all art
so let’s sin inside this skin.

Let us drink cups of life let
the storms come they will
moisten my grip an angst
inside me I must try kill.

Shade in the boxes qualify
for what this world gives. 
Forget not that the dark it
in each of us it does live.

Meet the madness directly
see we calamity and toil. 
I’ll do my best to stop all
that would my plans foil.

I want to dream differently
I want to alter my vision.
No one is forcing me for it
is my own made decision.

I’m trying to live and love
but imminent is the storm.
On the horizon is another
as was when I was born.

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